Fez Hydra/ Led problem

My computeur does not recognize my device “FezHydra” , driver are not install.
My Usb CLient SP works correctly.
I tried to install firmware manually with SD modul and I placed a wire between MISO and GND too but it doesn’t work !

More over the LED/PD18/PWM3 light a small green color when FezHydra is powered. When I click reset button the LED don’t blink and stay lighted in green

Can you give me a clue why it does not work ? I really need help. Did it happen to any of you too?a/

@ MugiwaraOz - Hiya MugiwaraOz

I had similar issues where my PC wouldnt find my Hydra - GMod to the rescue :slight_smile:


After using the driver he posted all good :slight_smile:

thank you very much for you answer !
I have updated my firmware whithout any problem.

Good stuff, the beer goes to GMod tho :wink: