FEZ Hydra HYDRA-GB-328/530

I’m a newbee in the Gadgeteer world of .Net. At first I bought the FEZ Hydra board, unfortunately I experienced that I have bought the HYDRA-GB-328. I saw in the Catalog that this board is discontinued. Can anbody tell me the difference between the Hydra 328 and 530 ? I only see that the new board has solder points around. Is this the only difference ? And will the board also supports in the next SDK Version ?
By the way have anybody a tipp how I can read Signals from a rc receiver ? I’m worry if it will works over interrupt ports because of the garbage collector ?


Hydra and Hydra+ are identical. We simply exposed the signals to allow for easy soldering. This is obviously optional. The software is all the same on both.

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Hello Gus,
that sounds good, I don’t need the soldering points.
Thanks for the information.