FEZ Hydra cannot install/update any MF 4.2 any more: "Interrupt while deploying"


I am doing my first steps on the Micro Framework 4.2 withg FEZ Hydra. Until today I were successful in learning and trying step by step. But suddenly Visual Studio 2012 won’t debug any more on the hardware.

Perhaps a complete reflashing of the TinyBooter and the micro framework would help. The manual reset of the firmware was successful so far(https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/125/firmware-update-fez-hydra), but then FEZ Config won’t install/update the firmware. So currently only the TinyBooter is running. If I use FEZ Config to deploy a firmware the follwing error occurs, see screenshot…

Is the Hydra bricked? Another power source does not help.
My system contains the FEZ Hydra with USB Client DP module and ENC28 ethernet.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Best regards

@ tester56723

Normally we recommend to connect the device to a powered hub but when it comes to Visual Studio 2012, I find that the hub can sometimes lead to communication errors. Try to connect the device straight to the computer and try again. You may also need an external power source.

Also if FEZ Config does not work for you, try to manually use MFDeploy to see if that will work out for you.

I solved my problem :slight_smile: Take an USB 2.0 port instead of a 3.0 one and no problems occur while deploying TinyCLR.
The mainboard is a Intel DQ67SW. Throughout the troubleshooting I took another onboard USB port and this time it was a 3.0 device instead of a normal 2.0.
Please add this hint to your Wiki pages.