FEZ Hydra beginner question

After setting up my latop with C# 2010 Express and the sdk I made a new project and after testing the default “Debug.Print(“Program Started”);” I wanted to control the on board LED from the Hydra which by the looks of it is on PD18. So I wrote OutputPort greenLed = new OutputPort(FEZHydra.Pin.PD18,true); and added the OSH.Hardware and OSH.Native references, but when I start debugging it gives an exception at that line where I try to light up the greenLED…I just got my Hydra 10 minutes ago and would really like to take it for a spin…
What am I dooing wrong ?
btw I tried Ping and TinyCLR responds.

Welcome to the forum. Mainboard class has a method SetDebugLED


you can use that.

Ok so that’s working…but why wouldn’t work by expicitly assigning the the pin ?
btw the Exception was thrown in Microsoft.spot.Hardware.dll which I believe has the definition for OutputPort.
On a second note trying another pin like PA10 works without any exception.
Thank you

Welcome to the forums !

If you created the project as a Gadgeteer project, then the exception is most likely because you’re trying to use an already-assigned pin. You could share the exception details with us and that might show more info.

The other thing I would suggest you do, if you didn’t already do so, is do a firmware update to make sure you have that in sync with the SDK version you have on your PC, as that can throw exceptions when you have that mismatched.