Fez Hydra and USB DP Client Module

Hi everyone!

I have a strange problem with my Fez Hydra. My setup is:

Fez Hydra Mainboard.
USB DP Client Module connected to socket 2.
ENC28 connected to Socket 3.
Firmware on hydra is 4.3.

If i Power up the USB DP Client Module with a 12v 1000ma adaptor, or just Power it from the USB port, it works for about 10minutes then the pwr led on the USB Module starts to flash, indicating overload/overtemperature. It does the same thing even if i just connect the Hydra and USB Module. Do i have a faulty USB DP Client Module, or a faulty Hydra?
is it maybe a better way to apply Power than using the USB DP Client Module?


Does the hydra work, can you ping, when first plugged in?

Welcome to the community.

Yes Everything is working for about 10 minutes, i can dubug ping etc.
The USB module gets quite hot before it shuts down but thats maybe normal for the module.

I think the dp module is bad. Please contact us directly and include a link to this thread.

OK i will, thanks for the help.