FEZ Gusboy Classic (VIDEO)

Pst. Hey. Hey, Gus! You wanna play classic Gameboy games on a FEZ? Cuz ya can now.

I don’t have any sound going yet and there’s optimization to be done, but yeah I’m totally playing Gameboy right now on my Raptor with keyboard for input and a VideoOut module sending to a monitor.

Pictures and video to come.


I have wanted this for years. A gift for you once I have it in my hand :wink:

@ Skewworks - Awesome! I have a half working port for Gameboy that I didn’t have time to finish. Would love to try what you have!

Here’s a couple of screens. It’s still deadly slow but, then again, its still running in pure NETMF. Time to throw the processing into RLP.

BTW, the number of OpCodes in this thing is so large if you try to handle them in a single switch the compiler freaks out. I’ve actually got split between 6 ranges at the moment.


Whelp, there goes my feeling proud of myself for having an LED tell me when to water my desk plant. :wink:

Don’t give up, @ Architect and @ Skewworks are show-offs. 8)

No chance of that, I’ve got big plans! :wink:

This will make you feel better:

I’ve been having an issue with emulator crashing, missing instructions, etc. Well, as I mentioned I had to split the OpCode handling because of the compiler…I missed calling an entire range!

Works much better now that I process those codes. :-[ :wall: :whistle:

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RLP port is nearing completion. My only concern is I had a couple of things passed by Ref in C#…hope I converted in correctly. We’ll find out in another hour or two.

Wish me luck.


It’s alive!


@ Skewworks - That is awesome!

@ taylorza - Thanks. :smiley:

I’m going to hook into the interrupts over lunch and use my USB keyboard to play some games. Super Mario Land 2, here I come. :wink:

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