Fez FEZ Cerbuino Bee Firmware Update instructions

Start a console app, not gadgeteer. Now connect cerbuino and run the app. Do not change anything in the code!

You should see hello world in the output window. This is 100% what the ebook starts you doing. Did you do that?

Hi Eric, welcome to the forums.

One of the key resources you need to make sure you’ve spent time going through is Support – GHI Electronics which has some good tutorials. They’re good at teaching “the basics” that help you cross some of the hurdles.

Honestly, lighting the onboard LED is not that difficult. One thing you need to remember is that Cerbuino Bee is not a “polished” solution yet, it’s still in a state of fairly rapid change, and it’s also an OSHW solution. So what you’re most likely finding is that some of the challenges you’re facing are related to the maturity of the product - and limited user input as few people have the board to comment (I don’t have it, and also don’t have the latest SDK installed, which means I can’t walk you through this as I’d approach it).

Your reference that’s missing to “mainboard” means that there’s an object that is meant to be called “mainboard” that is not called that. You need to “resolve” what that should be. Can you also talk us through how you started your project and what options you selected, what mainboard etc you connected? A screen shot of your gadgeteer designer would help too. To me it seems you might not have a device called “mainboard” which would imply you didn’t drag an item onto the design surface.

Aron or someone with a 'bee, can you step thru the basics of starting a project and adding refs etc to help get past those basics? [Edit: thanks Gus for the first-up tip ]

@ EricS - Hi Eric i am happy to do a GotoMeeting session with you if you want to see if we can kick it into life…

@ Justin - I appreciate your invitation to help me out. I’m sure once I get over the start up hump I should be ok. How do you recommend we get together? I’m not familiar with GoToMeeting and don’t know if it works behind my companies firewall. I’m open for any option


@ EricS - its a web based tool so gets past most firewalls drop me an email and we can go from there…

Justin.Wilson@ eprint.net

I had some success today, after downloading the latest programs and reinstalling the boat-loader and f/w I was able to flash a LED. I ended up finding an active I/O line with an externally connected LED. I could never turn on the ON Board LED though. What would be the syntax to make it work? What references need to be set?

I appreciate everyone’s help…

@ EricS - static OutputPort led = new OutputPort((Cpu.Pin)GHI.OSHW.Hardware.FEZCerbuino.Pin.Digital.LED1,false);

I’ll answer your other questions in an email.

There should be no need to cast the pins as they are Cpu.Pin types in the library.

@ Aron - True, and yes ReSharper has grayed them out…