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FEZ Domino with XBee


I need to hook up two FEZ Dominos using XBee. One Domino (the remote) is used to read sensor data and transmit the data to a master using the XBee. The other domino called the master, using also XBee, will be receiving the data from the remote domino. The master is attached to a PC through the USB port and will post the data read from the remote sensor into a Windows application. The master in a second phase must be able to work stand alone and post the data as a web server in the Internet.

The remote Domino uses the LCD & Keypad Shield, must have the XBee, and be powered through an external adapter.

The master Domino may use a touch screen graphical display, must have the XBee, and be powered through an external adapter. For this phase, I may use similar hardware as the remote. But based on your recommendation I may change my mind.

The system may be expanded to use multiple remotes.

Q: Can you recommend me the list of GHI components needed to implement this system?



The problem is in using the LCD&keypad shield and the component shield together.

An easier option would be to use the component shield with the serial display we offer.

Component shield on top of domino can plug in this “serial LCD”

Then then you can plug in the “xbee expansion”

If you need buttons then there are buttons as well