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Fez Domino Power Supply


I’m trying to figure out the recommended power supply for the Fez Domino. I’m using the following components:

Device #1:
USB Host
RS-232 Shield
E-Block Shield
Xbee expansion

Device #2:
USB Host
Fez Connect
Xbee expansion

Would the following work?


technically it may not; any time you use USB Host, the connected device could draw the full 500mA, so you need more than that to run the Fez as well. But depending on what USB device you connect, you might get away with it. I can’t see any mention of it being regulated or not though, so I’d definetely try to find a regulated supply so you know you’ll be ok - what about this one?


I’m working on a prototype so overkill is OK. I’ll buy the power supply you recommended. Thanks.

For my own education, is it as simple as adding up the amps needed for every component connected to the domino?

I’m an experienced software guy, but I studied electronics my second year of college (long time ago). I’m quickly learning that understanding electricity and electrical components is pertinent for working with these boards beyond the simple add-ons. I ordered some books on electronics and I’m waiting for them to arrive. :slight_smile:


+1 for the Adafruit power supplies. They do a great job testing all products they sell, so you know your getting a good one. The electronics market is overwhelmed with cheap knockoffs (like power supplies) that can quickly take the fun out of a project when they fry your other components. This up front homework by Adafruit is really helpful.


According to specification Domino requires 7-12v external connector. I recommend this one:


To followup on what Valen said…

The external connector is connected to the input of the 5V regulator. If you put 5V into this connector, then there will be no regulation, andthe voltage out of the regulator will be less than 5V.

If an external 5V power supply is used, the 5V can be put into the 5V pin on the header with voltages. This places the 5V after the regulator.


Thanks everyone for the responses. I want to use the existing 1.5mm power connector so I ordered the 9V 1000mA power supply that Architect suggested.


FYI - all the fez boards have ‘standard’ center positive 2.1mm barrel jacks.


Yes, my bad. I meant 2.1mm. I’m good to go. Thanks