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FEZ Domino Pin Mapping


Just want to share my very first FEZ Domino project.

As I am going through the Beginner’s tutorial. I came upe with this project,
using the Thumbwhell Pot. to control the Tri-color RGB LED. The RGB will
change its color when I turn the pot. You can see the pictures from this link N07/4801953325/ N07/4801953511/ N07/4801955039/

What a great little hardeware FEZ Domino is!! It’s REALLY Freakin’ Easy.
This project took me only half a day to solder and write the code for it.

One more thing, I made a FEZ Domino Pin Mapping, so I have the pins reference that I can look at while I am working on the project.
I added the grid line so I can use it to design new project too.
You can grab it here:




Great contribution Sam and a great idea for a first project. Love the simple pin map diagram too!!


Cool. You should add the project to the Wiki.


Thanks brett!

Thanks Rajesh,

I am going through Media Wiki tutorial, as soon as I comfortable with it I will add the project there.