FEZ Domino on TOP FEZDomino-EXP board and at last LCD Keypad Shield

Hello, I have FEZ Domino board and I like to measure pulses or Voltage values on the Digital and Analogue input ports, so I use the FEZDomono-EXP board but can I connect the LCD Keypad Shield board on the top of these two boards without damage anything.

( Is there also a drawing from FEZDomono-EXP board available)


If you need to connect more than one shield then you can use the expansion from www.liquidware.com

This is explained on the second page here http://www.tinyclr.com/downloads/Domino/Broch_FEZ_Domino.pdf

Okay thanks, but when I create a project with some shields and these shields are stacked up, it is better to look at the schematics of each shields or some shields are using the same pins.
So where can I find the schematic of the FEZDomino-EXP shield?

You said you wanted to measure pulses… .NETMF is not the best environment for pulse measurements. Too much going on internally which can mess up pulse measurements.

The component shield is only JST connectors for every IO. There is not a single circuit on it

Mike, you can use the timestamp from intarrupt pin to measure pulses just fine

Ah! I assume you mean to set the interrupt for both rising and falling edges, and then use the timestamps to get elapsed time??

*** Interesting… Documentation shows time field as TimeSpan instead of DateTime. Looks like documentation is wrong.

I haven’t done this myself but this project uses it to read a TV remote control http://bansky.net/blog/2009/04/microframework-device-controlled-via-tv-remote/