FEZ-Domino obsolete?

I have been trying to order FEZ-Domino on several places, but no stock anywhere.
Not at Sparkfun, not at Antratek not at Watterott, even not at GHI.
One supplier told me that FEZ-Domino will not be produced anymore.
Is FEZ-Domino really obsolete? I need at least one. Who can help?

Cu Wim.

As far as I know the fez line will not be dropped.

Hi Wim,

I have one and hardly used, I’m willing to exchange for a panda-II and transportation cost.


I have got several Panda-II, so we could exchange.
See you live in Rotterdam. It is a pity, was in neighborhood last weekend.
Please contact me on my email address:
search google on “Wim Cranen, Controls and More” to find my email address (contact).

Cu Wim.

Domino is on the “needs improvement list” with possible replacement. We didn’t think we will be out of stock so soon and now we are busy with other products.

Do you know that FEZ Domino was the very first FEZ? So it is the oldest.

Hi Gus,

Good that you continue developing on your products.
And how soon to be out of stock is really hard to estimate.
I read your answer as: “Yes is obsolete, but soon there will be a better product”.
Will this product be pin compatible and software compatible with FEZ-Domino?
Can you estimate how soon this product will be available?

Cu, Wim.

The Fez domino is my favorite little board as well :wink: !
They have still some in stock at roboshop : http://www.robotshop.com/search/search.aspx?locale=en_ca&keywords=domino

USBizi144 chip and FEZ Domino’s design files are still there if it is urgent.

@ mrPositive. Thanks I will return the PAnda-2 this weekend.

@ Nicolas3. Thanks I ordered a few of them.

@ GHI. Thanks for directing us to the design files. Please keep them on line.
Can you already tell what will be improved on the FEZ-Domino-2?

Cu, Wim

Is there really something special the Domino gives you? You can do USB Host on Panda II with Gus’ mod, and you have more IOs.

Hi Brett,

Indeed there is more IO available on the Panda-2.
But I had a PCB already designed to put on the Domino, also sw is ready.

I’m not aware of the Gus’ mod for USB host.
Can you place a link to that please?

Cu, Wim.

(this is linked from the product page, [url]http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/256[/url] as well)

Sorry for being this late, but FEZ Domino offer usb host along with usb debugging, personally, I dont like the idea about using a USB-UART add on to replace the previous included feature.

What is more, the FEZ Cerbuino Bee could be a pretty decent replacement, but GHI stated that will not focus on such feature.

Its a shame, because I used to think that these boards where great, domino could be the oldest, but for a lot of people, was the coolest.

Hope that al least. cerbuino bee gets the necessary attention from GHI,