Fez Domino : NET MF 4.1 or 4.2?

I have a Fez Domino. What version of Microframework I have to use? And what version of GHI NETMF?
Reading your page http://www.ghielectronics.com/support/dotnet-micro-framework I understood I must use “.NET Micro Framework 4.2 QFE2 SDK” + “GHI NETMF v4.1 and .NET Gadgeteer Package”. Or I must use the old “NET Microframwork 4.1” + “GHI NETMF v4.1” ?
Thank you

@ Fabrizio1 - Hi Fabrizio, Domino is 4.1 only so “NET Microframwork 4.1” + “GHI NETMF v4.1”