FEZ Domino Inquiry

no worries. I’m on it. got the code from google = “xmodem c#” and it is working reliably over my xbee, albeit slow.
I’m still hunting for the bottleneck and learning some interesting things:

  • His code seems to accept receiving files at 1k, but only transmits at 128Bytes.
  • my xbee is running at 57600 and it’s still really slow, but there is only a 100byte buffer on the xbee, so that might play a role.
  • sending from FEZ to pc has an interesting burst pattern. 5 packets, pause, 3 packets, pause, 5 packets, etc.

Wife’s having a ladies night tonight, so i’ll have more time to dig into it :). I’ll post my progress on the wiki before e/o the day.

Speaking of wiki, we are updating the project website to be a wiki-based website.

We are not done yet but the web guys promised to complete it today!
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Hi All,
Sorry for the delay. XModem code is up on the wiki. Just search for it :slight_smile:

At last, I was able to order a Fez from Singapore. :slight_smile: but it should have been in my hands since the 29th of May if not because of that &^&%8 clearance delay.

May 29, 2010 11:08 AMClearance delay

Matt, I’ve found a simple fix about the 128bytes transmit, just go to the startTrans then modify the ff to enable 1k byte transfers.
bufsz = 1024;

    xbuff[0] = STX;

BTW, the package seems heavy (5.3kgs), can somebody tell me its contents?

Unless you ordered something else, my Domino came with the Domino (of course :wink: ) and a nice USB cable.

No, I did not order anything else. This is may shipment facts from fedex

Shipment Facts
type Intl Economy Pak
Weight 11.7 lbs/5.3 kg

Are there manual, etc included?

manuals and such are located here http://www.tinyclr.com/dl/

11Lbs?? Are you sure it isn’t 1.17?

Absolutely sure. The exact copy-paste of my Fedex shipment facts.

Shipment Facts Help Service typeIntl Economy Pak
Weight11.7 lbs/5.3 kg
StatusPieces Date/Time Status

I bought it form sgbotic.com in Singapore. And I’m very sure that I’ve purchased the right product. XD

cool, free bricks too ! :wink:

yeah it seems like a typo to me too - or an awfully HUGE box :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I thought the store is in shortage of bubble wraps so they just filled my box with sand. But after sending an email to the store, it seems there was a miss info on fedex’s part. It was supposed to be 113g.

But still… My fez is already 5 days delayed. Sucks to be in a country w/ lazy customs.

Can you imagine you receive the box and it is full of sand? :confused: That would still be a funny story to tell to your grandkids one day :slight_smile:

Haha, maybe they did not have sand anymore and are waiting for a shipment sand from the sahara? :wink:

The package just arrived after a week of waiting. Just set it up first then try my proj.

Any sand in the box? :slight_smile: I am just kidding…
Have fun using FEZ

Fortunately, there’s no sand. And it weighs maybe a 100g(mostly the weigh of the box).

But unfortunately my device came with 4.0.1


But my SDK is 4.0.3. And I INSTALLED the DEBUGGING INTERFACE instead of the BOOTLOADER interface, and now tera term doesn’t recognize a new COM port. Now even I uninstall the debug interface, windows will only automatically reinstall it. :frowning:

Will try to resolve this but will probably try later this evening to my own computer, cause I’m in the office right now.

BTW, is FEZ’s firmware update safe? I really don’t like to mess on a device’s bios or firmware (I’ve killed a PC motherboard through BIOS update back in my slightly younger days).

I still haven’t watched the update VIDEO because my PC here at the office don’t have speakers and I don’t have my earphones now.

I’ve installed the bootloader driver. Good thing I still watched the firmware update video with no sounds, and I saw that I still need to PRESS the 2 buttons on the domino. I’ve read the FEZ_tutorial but I didn’t understand the HOLD LDR button w/ detach and reattach usb. :stuck_out_tongue:

TL:DR version:
I had a problem but I managed to solve it.

Finally updated the firmware :slight_smile:


But I did it on the second try. The first returned a “BAD FIRMWARE” message and a “BL” so I just repeated.

Now I’ll go back to finish my first hello world program in FEZ.

Deleted EDIT1 and 2. Solved. Sorry Chimp if I use this forum as my Fez diary and posted everything I encounter. :slight_smile:

Chimp, It seems you are always MIA at this time of the day/night. And its impossible that you are sleeping/eating so I come to a conclusion that you are Fez-ing right now.

I give that a 90% chance, yes :wink:

Yes Yes I had to get some sleep :smiley: sorry, I will try not to sleep in future :frowning:

You slept? How can you sleep if you have a Fez? Fez is so FUN. Forget about sleeping, its just a waste of time. :slight_smile:

I haven’t slept yet since my Fez arrived. But still did not produce progress. :frowning: Programming a ConsoleApplication is somewhat different than the WindowsApplication that I been used to.

I’m stuck in just converting a byte array to a string to be output to the debug.print().

 string rootDirectory = VolumeInfo.GetVolumes()[0].RootDirectory;
            FileStream FileHandle = new FileStream(rootDirectory + @ "\hello.txt", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
            byte[] data = new byte[100];
            // write the data and close the file
            int read_count = FileHandle.Read(data, 0, data.Length);
            FileHandle.Close();Debug.Print("Data from file:");


[quote]The size of data we read is: 32
Data from file:

I have a hello.txt on the USB, the data size is right, but the Debug.Print(data.ToString()); produces “System.Byte[]”.