FEZ Domino Firmware and the future support question

Where would one acquire a firmware upgrade for the FEZ Domino/ Is support being dropped for this board? I don’t know how long this board has been around but I definitely haven’t gotten my money’s worth out of it. It is a good board for smaller projects and beginners delving into micro development.

Look at top of page for Downloads. It is supported in GHI SDK.

I don’t remember seeing that support was dropped for the Domino. The chip it uses is the same that is in all the smaller FEZs.

Gus dropped hints not too long ago about an update to this or a similar board coming out soon.

Hints being the operative word.

I may have gotten the wrong impression the SDK I downloaded earlier today didn’t appear to have any firmware for the Domino. At least not in a form that I recognized. I was looking through the forum and saw comments that, as mhectorgato said, hinted at its demise. I also saw that it was out of stock almost everywhere. I just want a firmware update that matches what I loaded on my laptop so that I can do some development. If you can point me to some updated instructions or point me to the correct folder where the firmware for the Domino is it would be much appreciated.

@ Byron - the USBizi updater executable works for Domino, Rhino, Panda, Panda II, and Mini … anything with a USBizi chip. The screens in the app walk you through each step with instructions.

Ok, found it I was looking for a different file name the correct file location is…
C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK\USBizi\Firmware\USBizi_CLR.GHI

Thanks Mike for clarifying that GHI will continue supporting this board.

There’s never been a suggestion that support for the USBizi based products was being “dropped”. Gus hinted at NEW STUFF but that doesn’t imply that the existing stuff will be unsupported. There’s also not been any discussion about potential replacements for the Panda II which use the 100-pin USBizi. I think you’ve read far too much into talk about cool newness :slight_smile:

Anyone can manufacture Domino today. The design files are open and the chipset (the core) is available.

GHI may manufacturer more domino as is or make a newer enhanced version. The website never said it is discontinued :slight_smile:

Same happened for Panda II. Anyone can manufacture Panda I today if they wanted but we decided to enhance it and offer Panda II instead.

I am sorry we can’t release more info at this point but do not worry about support for existing domino boards. If it is “out of stock” that doesn’t mean the software and support is not available.