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FEZ Domino featured in Thai Magazine


While my wife and I were browsing in one of the Shopping Mall in Bangkok, Thailand. I saw a local Electronics Magazine on the display window. So I just grab it and didn’t pay any attention what were in the magazine until we got back to our place.

Flipping through the magazine, almost to the end. I saw an article showing how to make a robot, “BipedFEZ”, and found out that the robot used FEZ Domino and IO Shield. And the article is the 2nd in the three part series.

The image below is captured from the magazine website:–2—fez-ioshiled-&catid=77:-17&Itemid=10

So, needless to say, “FEZ is Famous!” :dance: :clap:


Nice find! Send a copy to GHI! :smiley:


I got one of those IO shields on my desk :slight_smile: Pretty cool Shield!


Seem like this FEZ-IO Shield is new!
I did not see it on the GHI catalog!!