FEZ Domino COM-ports

I have the problem that I can’t find a pin-out from FEZ Domino anymore. The only dociment I can find is this http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/FEZ/Domino/Broch_FEZ_Domino.pdf.
I learned that the COM1 is used for CDC but I use COM1 for the GPRS shield. So I have to use an other COM port. In the document I see that COM2 is only availabe on UEXT connector. Also it is possible to map COM4 to An2 and An3. But where is COM3?

It has been awhile.

I would check LPC chip datasheet for that. Probably the COM3 pins are used by something else.

I don’t think it is… CDC is USB based not serial based.

In LPC chip datasheet I find this (picture). But where it is connected to the periphery?

it doesn’t matter where those pins are - there is an abstraction between COM ports on the micro and COMx port on netmf that doesn’t mean COM3 on the processor maps to COM3 in your netmf code.

All the COM ports you have access to are described in the brochure - that is COM1, COM2, and COM4 (with remapping).

Like Mike says, CDC does not exclude COM1 from being used… Serial debugging DOES exclude COM1 from being used for a real serial port, are you confusing the two ?

Hello Brett,
yes this is a little bit confusing.
What I need is a serial port for the GPRS. I would like to use COM1 because of the pin out it can be connected with the shield and this already works.
Than I need the USB client to connect the PC.
But it seems that when I use COM1 for GPRS CDC dosn’t work. The driver isn’t installed on PC. Only USBizi ist to see - with the fault because of missing driver. When I load a litte program where COM1 isn’t used CDC works.
I don’t need serial debugging. But when I use StartCDC() without debugging I get en exception. With debugging it works.

You want to have a serial port for the GPRS and want to have it on COM1. Thus the debugging interface will be USB and unless using a 3 years old SDK you won’t be abble to have CDC +USB debugging at the same time.

With SDK>=4.2 if you want CDC thus debugging have to be performed using COM1 and therefore your GPRS have to be connected on an other serial port

Hello leforban,
sure you are right. But 2 years ago we built a device with FEZ Panda II and now we get a new order for this devices. Panda II isn’t available anymore but our distrubuter had some FEZ Domino. In the text we read “FEZ Domino is same as FEZ Panda II but it also includes USB Host support, perfect for android accessory.FEZ Domino includes GHI’s premium libraries support on NETMF 4.1.”. So we thought lets take the Domino.
But it seams to be difficult to take the Domino instaed Panda II. As you see in the forum it take me already some days to fight against the problems.

And are you sure you are targetting 4.1 SDK? if yes which version please?

@ User_8034

Have you tested FEZ Cerbuino Bee / Net?

The boards use Arduino form factor and you can use the actual firmeware.

The boards are still available.

Yes we also have Cerbuino Bee. But I think it has no watchdog - or?

Hello leforban,
yes we have VS taget to .NET Micro 4.1 and the Domino has

Ok CDC+USB is available on SDK so this should work i guess. I do not own a domino board so I can’t try.

Yes I think also that it should work. The only Problem is that there is no USBizi driver for USB debug for Win 7, CDC driver seams to work o.k.

@ User_8034

I think the Cerbuino has a watchdog


If not, you implement your own one:




but you said it yourself - you don’t need debugging. Just enable CDC+USB debug, and be done with it. If you need to be able to load a new version of your app occasionally, implement something like a button check before starting CDC so that when it’s held down you don’t start CDC.

The same SDK you have installed wherever your Panda programming was occurring should have all the necessary drivers installed, no ? Does it behave any differently ?