FEZ Domino CDC Mode with Win7


i have a problem with my FEZ Domino board. When i activate the USB Debugging with Virtual COM the Visual Studio 2010 under Win7 says “FEZ Domino not detected!” but the drivers are installed and Win7 says everything is fine.
Under WinXP it works without problems, has anybody an idea how i can solve this problem?

sorry for my english i’m still learning :wink:

@ Mike12 - welcome to the forum. Make sure your project is not pointing to the emulator in project properties. It should be using a transport of USB and you should see something like usbizi_usbizi in the device dropdown. These properties are on the .NET MicroFramework tab. IF you don’t see any devices listed, you probably have a GHI USB driver installation problem.

@ ransomhall Thanks, sometimes the solution is too easy. Now it works without problems.