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FEZ Domino and nRF24L01 Transceiver/Antenna


Hello, I am new to FEZ boards in general. Just started to mess with it few days ago.

I want to use this Transceiver/Antenna with Domino.

In the end, I want to use another one to send data from device A to FEZ board, which in the end would send it to PC (like Terminal).

Did anyone used it with FEZ Domino? How can I send received data (by this transceiver) and send it over USB host port to PC Terminal?


have you look into this one yet??


I am not sure what exactly you are looking for This is a very old project that may help you?

Please ask specif questions instead of general questions so we can help you better. See this please


thank you for this links.
Do you think different configuration of boards with Nordic (like the one I mentioned or the one in the tutorial) will have similar method of application? (to make them work with FEZ)


Almost anything can work whit FEZ, it is a matter of wiring things properly and writing some code


Do I need to have 2nd Nordic transceiver/antenna to receive data from another board (which has same Nordic transceiver connected)?

Or can I somehow receive the data from Nordic by wifi on the PC or something like this?