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FEZ Domino and Mini comparison



I can't happen to find any differences between FEZ Domino and Mini, except of the cost and size. Can anybody list them here, please?

Also, I've been looking for some very basic information, such as current consumption, RAM and ROM size, number of ROM erase/write cycles, but found none.
Thanks for the information.



We have added these questions to the FAQ.

About the current consumption, it is about 100mA max with everything enabled and running at 72Mhz. We are working on implementing low power modes, for example by lowering the clock. There is also hibernate that put eh system to sleep at under 1mA. These will be implemented in the coming releases and we will document more info on power consumption.

You also asked about FLASH read/erase cycles. This is 100,000 at minimum and you only read/write when you load a new application…in other words, you can say it is unlimited since you will never reach the limits.