Fez Cream / RotaryH1 NullReference exception

I’m giving the Fez Cream a try and have been able to run the FezCreamDemo with a LED7C looping through the colors.

Now I’ve attached a RotaryH1 module, but GetCount() fails with a NullReference exception.

Part of the code:

namespace FEZCreamDemo
    public sealed partial class MainPage : Page
        private GTMO.RotaryH1 rotH1;

        private async void Setup()
            // Init the RotaryH1 module on socket 8 (also tried 4 and 7)
            this.rotH1 = await GT.Module.CreateAsync<GTMO.RotaryH1>(this.mainboard.GetProvidedSocket(8));
            // Reset the count (no exceptions here)

        private void OnTick(object sender, object e)
            // GetCount fails with NullReferenceException
            int I = this.rotH1.GetCount();

Stack trace:

   at GHIElectronics.UWP.GadgeteerCore.SoftwareInterfaces.SpiDevice.WriteRead(Byte[] writeBuffer, Byte[] readBuffer, Boolean deselectAfter)
   at GHIElectronics.UWP.GadgeteerCore.SoftwareInterfaces.SpiDevice.WriteThenRead(Byte[] writeBuffer, Byte[] readBuffer)
   at GHIElectronics.UWP.Gadgeteer.Modules.RotaryH1.Read(Command command, Register register)
   at GHIElectronics.UWP.Gadgeteer.Modules.RotaryH1.GetCount()
   at FEZCreamDemo.MainPage.OnTick(Object sender, Object e)

This is running on a Raspberry Pi 2B with OS 10.0.14342.1000.

@ MischaBoender - In the mean time, does it work if you connect it to socket 3 even though it is not Y?

No issues when using socket 3!

@ MischaBoender - The next update will fix the issue on socket 8. If you would like the fix sooner you can replace the nuget packages with the source found at https://bitbucket.org/ghi_elect/windows-iot

Thanks, much appreciated!