FEZ Connect Shield with Cerbuino Bee?

Is there a reason the FEZ Connect Shield would not work with the Cerbuino Bee? Specifically I am interested in the ethernet, but the capacitor backup for the rtc would be nice too. I have both already (and a Panda II).

Does the shield work?

I also interested in buying a Cerbuino and already have the Connect Shield…

Cerberus uses ENC28J60 for ethernet, while the FEZ Connect shield uses the WIZ5100. It would not work, unless you wrote your own driver.

Why not use the Panda II GHI socket driver for the connect shield? Or Maybe mIP is an option?

This does make me thinking… What is the solution now if we want networking on the Panda II ?

The Panda II driver is built into the Panda II firmware, which is not open-source. mIP could certainly be made to work, I imagine.

We use the GHI socket assembly…Don’t know if it is completely managed?

Actually the driver is mostly c# so it is easy to run on any netmf board but the question is, do you really want to run wiznet on a board that does have built in tcp/ip stack?

I think the Arduino Ethernet shield can be made to work: Home - GHI Electronics

Yes, you are right, but for simple cases (e.g. sending a few bytes) why not use something which is already on my desk…

Thanks godefroi !

But it seems that it wouldn’t work “as is”… If such modifications can be good for one board in my test setup, it would be a pain for many boards in “real” situation, I think.

Also, prices for such Ethernet shields are almost always greater than the price of the (now defunct ?) FEZ Connect shield. Or, if it’s lower, like this one http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/ethernet-shield-p-518.html?cPath=102 , then it’s missing lots of stuff (RTC or connectors, for example).

My global thinking about this is that the Panda II is very lonely in its product line… How long will it take for it to sink into the abyss of the “retired products” ? :frowning:

Anyway, in the meantime, I will try to find distributors that have some FEZ Connect shield in stock, one never knows… But for next project, I will definitely have to find another solution.

Indeed. That’s why I was so excited that the Cerberus family used the ENC28J60, because it’s cheaply and widely available.