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FEZ Cobra sneak peek


This is the place on this forum to offer gifts so I guess here is a gift for you all … a video of FEZ Cobra

Note that FEZ Cobra will NOT be available till July or August. The cost will be reasonable but it is at least double what FEZ Domino costs (for the main FEZ Cobra board itself, not including the display and not including the case)
If all goes well, we will start taking pre-orders next month…

Here you go
Firmware update

Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice stuff from GHI


July or August definitly toooooo long X(

Hurry up B)


Very fast typing there Chimpanzee!


Am I good or what?!! camera in one hand, typing with other and still managed to point at the screen!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh boy, you guys better get ready for some riots at the GHI headquarters!

The video doesn’t even begin to capture the quality of the LCD. I was (and am) very impressed with the vibrancy of the display.


Yes video quality is bad. The video will be deleted once we have more info out


Wow some how i see the next few months of my life stuck in my man cave :>


I liked the idea of an enclosure, but the cobra is a bit too much.

I develop equipment prototypes for customers who would not appreciate a comic cobra on their products. JMO.

Will there be enclosures for both size screens or only the smaller one?


[quote]I develop equipment prototypes for customers who would not appreciate a comic cobra on their products. JMO.
The enclosure come blank. We glued the image on top to make the box more exciting. You will probably want to put your company name/logo on top instead of the “cobra”…All your customer will know that you made the whole design :wink:

This is exactly why we shouldn’t release partial info. Viewers may receive some wrong ideas since they do not have full documentation.

Yes both displays 3.5" and 4.3" fit in the same enclosure


When i order mine you can put a cobra on it :slight_smile:


We will make this available in a PDF so you can print it out and place on yours :smiley:


No good deed goes unpunished!


Wow that looks cool. Well if I sum up it’s a mini computer with touch screen and connection to sensors! well done.

May I make few comments…

Is there enough space for components inside the enclosure? Well I’m sure you did a balance between keep something small/nice and something big/upgradable. I’m thinking about servo controllers & relay not light sensor or IR of course :wink:

On the enclosure there is an easy way to put cable through (opposite side of the USB) or we will have to drill?

You said in another thread that the price will be about twice the fez domino, if you do that you can do a major breakthrough because with the enclosure you open the door to fast dev and prod. I mean you make it possible for system integrator (not hardware integrator) to move some application from computer station to your box!
Be careful with the price because you have a direct competitor it is the beagleboard and it is out since a while! That is why the nice enclosure with touch screen is definitely and advantage.
By the way how do you position the Fez cobra compare to beagleboard? (not only .net Micro)…

The arduino looks like Jurassic to you guys!!!


Very very very impressed. It’s even better then I thought! :smiley:

I must admit that it’s a minus that it does not come with a touchscreen for that price. Thought it would be included.

Anyway. It’s again a board with a good development plan. You guys really thought about how to make it easy, customizable and of course reliable.

Again, very impressed and I can’t wait.

We love GHI! Good work guys! :wink:


Beagle board is linux … how do you control the IOs on linux? Where the the IOs on beagle board?
Let make this more intresting…how do you control a servo or add sensors ot beagle board.

Yes yes you can do that with few weeks of work if you are expert in doing linux but you will still run into many problems.

This doesn’t mean beagle board or linux is bad. Windows7, linux, winCE, android and NETMF all fit in its own category best. Do you want a web browser? Load multiple applications? video decoding? image processing? Then linux is the option. For a phone? then android…
…and if you want something easy to program and is made for deep embedded applications then NETMF is the choice.


Ok, I’m drooling now! How the price doesn’t make me stop. Any ballpark figure available for it? So many ideas popping in my head now for this thing!


hey easy Chimp. Don’t take it the wrong way. I was not insulting your job. Actually I do like what you are doing so far.

If I mentioned the beagleboard it is because we thought about it for our application. We design new computer app and no one in my team is really qualified to do electronics. On the last application we did we used some basic sensors such as temperature, switch, lock and we were a bit frustrated to end up with a computer managing that through USB and/or serial com (using the advantech relay) . It is not really cost effective. We then thought about the beagle board (149$) but because our code is in .NET it was a bit a pain to move that on linux with Mono and in top of that we needed to design the box around the board etc… for a limited number of devices it is not easy to find someone who can do that. Anyway, that is why I said in my last post that the enclosure is really a good idea because guys like us will be able to move straight to prod.

If I did a comparison between the 2 boards it’s because both offer high capabilities in term on cpu ram and touch screen, which enable to move a real app from a PC to your board. To be honnest, maybe I’m wrong, if I need to move servo, use sensors etc… with ethernet capabilities only your fez domino is more than enough… well I’ll find out when I receive it. :wink:

And again we (my team) like really what you are doing because you brought the embedded world to guys like us thanks…

Having said that we don’t have all the same opinion when I showed and spoke about the fez cobra to my boss he replied “It looks like a piece of crap for teenagers or geek without girlfriend!” I was a bit offended but in his defence, as I lead a small R&D dev team we asked already for some hardware just to test their capabilities (RFID reader, laser beam, ZigBee etc…) and we can’t always find a good application as sensors or hardware like that it’s always a small part of the app itself. That is why they call our office: Toys R US. But I really think on this one he is wrong as sensors integration look like easy and so a small part of the job for a great data capture capabilities.



No I was not upset or anything. I was just saying linux and NETMF are both ideal for what they do.

GHI had separated websites tinyclr vs GHI so we keep professional audience from beginners. If a professional thinks FEZ is a toy he is right! It is a toy and it is the most fun you will every have with a toy :wink: GHI created it to be that way…a toy that can do amazing things that were impossible before FEZ.
Now for professionals that want every single bit of customization, there are offers at GHI website, from modules to development systems. If you, or you boss like, you guys can call GHI and discuss your project and tell us what you exactly need. GHI is always straight forward telling your application should be done with NETMF or not. So, get your boss and give us a call. It will cost you nothing :wink:


well sometimes a toy can fit the purpose if the quality is good. To be honnest people said the same thing about smartphone (it’s a toy) Vs professional PDA and now which one is almost dead…?


but I admit then when I found fez it was for me and to play on my spare time but when I watched the video on fez cobra I though that could be more than a toy…
I’ll try to have him call you but before i need to demonstrate that .NETMF can be usefull because he put it in the same category than fez.