FEZ Cobra reset


I am having a problem on using FEZ Cobra.
I cannot bring the FEZ Cobra back to its previous state (i.e., screen shows icons etc)

What I did was I load the “Amazing Code” on FEZ Cobra using MFDeploy.
The screen prompted the following:

Debug: USB
LCD: 320x240
Managed heap size: 13631488
Custom heap size: 1048576

waiting for debug commands

It was said on a tutorial that I’ve read that it is ok to just to “overwrite” program by user but still better to erase it. However, I am afraid of erasing (using MFDeploy) it. (I might erase everything)
I probably did this overwriting about 5-6 times.

Hope you can help me.

The most common mistake is not having the latest firmware. Please make sure you have the latest SDK, see release notes. After installation, make sure you’ve loaded the latest firmware on the device. The firmware is updated though the integrated updater software found under the start menu. If that fails, or if your device doesn’t have such software, you can always run the update manually.

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Hey Cluemain,

Welcome to the forums.

Your version of the framework is quite old. I think you need to upgrade to the current version of the framework - whatever version of the GHI SDK you have installed. Jump over to the Wiki and follow the bouncing ball !

The demo software with the icons, that is on the cobra when you get it, is here:

It is also updated and some bugs are fixed.