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FEZ Cobra Overlay Images


Here are the images we created for the cobra.


ahh cool was going to ask about those. thanks for posting them.


COOL! Now we can all have the “special edition” 8) 8)


Looking awesome, but shouldn’t these be vector format or at least 300+dpi rasters?

Before you say that there is a PSD there… Photoshop is not raster. Corel/freehand/illustrator or eps (ick), SVG or PDF.


I agree Mark, but these weren’t made with production in mind.


…Which is why we need a Cobra bezel :whistle:


Daydreaming of bezels… anyone interested in purchasing them?


Yes. I would love a bezel for my cobra.


yes i have been contemplating getting a bezel made up with plexi and a CNC machine. Would probably not order one on it’s own from you guys, but if it was on offer when I last ordered stuff I would have added it to the cart


Brett, if you make a cobra bezel I would be happy to buy one off you.


If/when i do get them made up I’d be getting them done for the 4.3" screen so wouldn’t do you any good I’m afraid. :frowning:

Actually you should just get your mate with the CNC to make it up.

Or we could be nice to CNCMike and he could make us up some :wink: ;D :whistle:


IF someone makes a bezel, I’ll go for the 4.3 inch screen…


Frontpanel Express could be a solution for you all.

I use them frequently for a number of LCD projects. The only downside is that the min thickness is 1.5mm so the panel would be proud of the surface.

The upside is that you can incorporate additional holes or text and engraved graphics etc.

Nice professional finish for 1 off projects.



By the way, I noticed that your bezel design for the 4.3" has the cutout in the centre but I see from the images and another posting that it should be biased more to the top as the active area is not in the centre of the LCD displays.

Is there a 3D model of the enclosure you use? I would like to mock this up and get additional details for the planned expansion board I wish to build. (I’ll be order a system shortly but want to confirm it will all fit first)



No 3d

Thanks for the info and welcome to the community.


Url links are broken on initial post


The links have been updated.