Fez Cobra Not starting

I’ve connected the Fez Cobra to my equipment, which has me wiring up almost all of the pins on JP1. When I turn the power on, the two blue lights come on and stay on. When I disconnect the wires on JP1, the two blue lights come on, but then one goes out.

Is there any pin on J1 that can halt the boot process if connected incorrectly?

yes. RESET to start with… And you are talking Fez Cobra, EMX based one right? Not Fez Cobra2 or 3?

:wall: ah shoot, sorry. Cobra 3.

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I put a blinky program on the Cobra (3). The program doesn’t start. I disconnected the 3v3 and Gnd pins, but still no luck…

Well I’ve confirmed that Pin 16, SPI2.MISO is what’s causing the system not to start; but why though.

EDIT: The Pin is high at startup. but I have not set it to be anything.

@ Mr. John Smith - SPI2 is the same SPI used by the internal flash on the G120. If the pins connected to it do not conform to the SPI protocol, the device can fail to boot. See section 8.6 in https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/man/G120_and_G120E_Datasheet.pdf

@ John - Thanks; I knew there was a logical explanation. :wall: