FEZ Cobra mounting plate (3d model)

I have made my first 3d model ever :smiley:

Looks pretty good if you ask me :smiley:

here it is:

I do not know how to export it to autocad drawing yet, will post it as soon as I know.

Here is the autocad 3d-model:


Please note that I did not print it yet.

Really cool

Looks very nice Robert. Iโ€™ll keep this around in case I want to take my Cobra out of the box enclosure and do some hardware prototyping.

Thanks :slight_smile:

But I do not know yet how to print it 1:1 to check the screw holes. Do you guys know how to do that?


Tested. It works !

unfortunately this did not work. (might be some setting?)

this did work:

I can confirm a print fit. Depends on which screws you use thoughโ€ฆ :wink: