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FEZ Cobra is in stock! ONLY FEW


This is very exciting to everyone here at GHI. We managed to get some FEZ Cobras in stock 2 weeks before the expected date.

We ONLY HAVE VERY FEW ready though so if you want one, order it right away.
You can get the cobra itself or the starter kit.

Distributors do not have Cobra and they will not for few weeks. The only way for now is to order it direct from us.

We look forward to seeing your orders :smiley:


Congrats Gus, another product out the door!


Just placed an order… Did do I get one? Mike R. in NJ.


It will be on a FedEx truck on its way to your location in one hour :slight_smile:


What took so long? :wink:


Blame Gus :stuck_out_tongue:


We are 2 weeks ahead of schedule B)


Note to all lucky purchasers of FEZ COBRA.

There is a piece of paper included with your package with a demonstration picture of how to properly connect the TFT Display, not doing so will cause hardware damage.

Please take a quick peak before excitingly opening your package!


How can it be FEZ if you have to read the instructions? :stuck_out_tongue:


Gus… My long time comment was about how it took you guys two hours to ship the order…

Remember, no good deed goes unpunished!


Indeed, it cannot be “FEZ” and contain written instructions. We have brought it down to a simple picture, making it more…“FEZ” :slight_smile:

Now if someone has trouble with reading the picture, I’m afraid we cannot “FEZ” it down anymore. :frowning:


Congratulations to the lucky ones which get one. Cobra rocks :wink:


ooh, pick me. Gus/team, is there any way to order the 4.3" and enclosure? The site doesn’t have an option to buy the enclosure unless it’s in the starter kit :frowning:


No because the few enclosure we have now do not work well with 4.3" but they are perfect for 3.5"


FEZ TFT Expansion brochure is updated with important instructions. Please read it before attaching it to your FEZ Cobra


Guessing mine must not have gotten one of the few in time the other day as didn’t get a shipping notification :frowning:



I think the ship notification GHI send is through FedEx and I heard many users didn’t receive the email! You can email/call and ask or wait couple days.

I think the next batch of FEZ Cobras came is so all orders are getting filled on time.


Woohoo! Thanks for the reply, can’t wait to play with it when it comes in :slight_smile:

Thanks again for a great product!



I didn’t see any kind of “In Stock” status message on the FEZ Cobra product page. However, I decided to order one anyway (last night). Can I expect some kind of shipping estimate or tracking number soon?

Thanks. I’m looking forward to working with the board.


I’m pretty sure that if it’s showing the “add to cart” option, there’s stock. :slight_smile:

Given it’s only just about to start Monday morning in the US, you might hear from someone shortly !