FEZ Cobra Informations

:slight_smile: Hi All

I am a beginner to the robotics systems, I am interested in FEZ Cobra to be my frist microcontroller and my project brain but I have some questions about it:
1.Can I connect webcam to it and stream the video by using an internet connection?
2.How many servos I can connect to it?

  1. http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/12/3263/
  2. There is 6 PWM for tight control but then you can use OC to run 70 servos if you really want to!

thank you for your relpy but I am wondring what you mean of OC is it the servo controller?

OC = OutputCompare, basically it’s a soft-PWM using firmware to toggle a pin with specific timings. You can use OC on any output capable digital pin, so effectively you can have as many servo’s as you have free digital pins.

Speaking of servos