Fez Cobra III - help!

Sounds rather desperate, right?

I’ve been tinkering with GHI’s Gadegeteer since the month it was announced. I still have a Hydra somewhere :slight_smile:

Well, now I got the Fez Cobra III, installed all the required software, started a new Visual Studio 2015 solution and managed to run the initial “Hello World” console output both via emulator and the board. Yay.

Actually, no Yay. I’m stuck. I have no idea how to use the board’s peripherals. I cannot blink the $@ $@ $!@ LEDs.

Would someone please provide a short, updated sample VS2015 solution for this or explain what has to be referenced, what is not included in GHI.Pins and how to add it to the solution, and how to access the LEDs, USBs and so on? Baby steps, please.



[quote]public const Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Cpu.Pin Led2
Member of GHI.Pins.FEZCobraIII.Gpio

The Cpu.Pin for LED 2.[/quote]
(from solution explorer and opening Cobra3 GPIO )

USBs. That’s USB Host and USB Client. Look up examples in the Support documents as Andre suggested.

Thanks, checking it out.

BTW, concerning Visual Studio 2013… Got an error installing the Extension. Something concerning encryption. Will copy the exact message tomorrow.