FEZ Cobra II USB client question


I would like to know if the new Fez Cobra II is compatible with both Serial debugging and USB client capabilities ?
At the moment I have a fez spider with a USB host module and a USB to Serial module. I would like to experiment USB transfers from one board to another.
Thank you !


Thank you!
By any chance, do you know if they support USB 2.0 High speed transfers ?


Please be more specific about what you are try to achieve.

Normally, a USB client is connected to a USB host, which is possible with the Premium library. But,
I don’t know if I have ever seen a discussion about this being used between two GHI boards.

While the USB connection is USB 2.0, I believe the actual transfer speed is USB Fast, which is about

If the OP is expecting USB host to USB host, then further discussions are necessary. Always worth while to get a better understanding
of what someone is trying to achieve before providing emphatic responses.

Once we know what the OP is interested in achieving, we can discuss serial debugging, keyboard and mass storage emulation, or serial CDC support.

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What I am trying to set up is one board (Cobra II) with a USB host module, and another one (Spider) with a USB client module +Serial debugging module.
I have some knowledge of USB protocol (endpoints, pipes and other details) so the problem here is just to know if the boards are capable or not :slight_smile:

You should be able to get this to work using standard Premium library functionality. No knowledge of the USB protocol is necessary. Use CDC on the client side.

Thanks !
But I will prefer to go with the raw device classes if it is possible.
CDC being virtual com, it is clear and good but it will be limited for the ideas I would like to put in practice

Go for it! :slight_smile: