FEZ Cobra II keeps rebooting


while debugging my cobra II the communication stopped responding, followed by a windows blue screen. From that moment I cannot make connection with the device anymore…
Now, after reading the forum and trying a lot I notice that depending on the USB port the G120 shows itself as a ‘USB Controller\GHI NET MF Debug Interface’ (picture 1) or as a Debuggable .Net Micro Framework Device (picture 1/2).
What should be the correct setup?
My biggest problem is that I cannot use the device.
When booting the device I can ping for it. A second later when I try it again the connection cannot be made.
It seems that the device is rebooting again each minute:

  • Driver Disappears in the ‘Device Manager’
  • Driver comes up again, The name ‘G120_FEZCobra’ shows up in MFDeploy
  • At that point hitting the Ping button works well. MFDeploy is showing ‘TinyCLR’
  • Hit ping again and no connection can be made.
  • After a minute the process repeats. (picture3)

Please help. Any suggestion to bring the board back alive are very welcome.
Thanks in advance, GuyH

It seems to me that you have two different drivers for the device loaded and associated with two different USB ports. That’s why when you change ports you get different device names showing up.

I would suggest you plug the device into each port that you see a difference on, and uninstall the driver, making sure you select the option to remove the files. Then when you have cleaned up all those, you can install the driver you want (winUSB is probably the best option).

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:
I re-installed the drivers and now everything works correct

sweet, welcome to the club !!