FEZ Cobra II Extender

When the Cobra II Extender board is used in the enclosure does it sit next to the Cobra II main board so jumper wires need to be soldered between. Or does it sit on top and off to the side so a header can be used to connect them?

If it sits on top are there spacers between the Extender board and the screw holes?


It is up to you. You can use headers and put it on top, or use jumpers when it placed side by side. I would try to locate eagle files for both products and check the alignment of the holes.

I dug around enough and found the drawing for the enclosure. It appears that in order for the mounting holes to line up the boards must overlap by .211". I don’t have the dimension between the header holes and the edge of the board.

If Eagle files are available for the Extender board that would help jump start my project of making a custom extender board.

Try downloads:


I don’t see any Eagle files for the Extender board. Am I missing them?

It would be really nice if GHI can share these. GHI?

When we’ve got them ready, we will put a link to them under the Resource pad of its catalog entry. As soon as they are there, I’ll put a posting on this thread.

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