FEZ Cobra II Exception - Reboot Cycle

I have been trying to get an RLP function working on my FEZ Cobra. The C function was programmed with the wrong memory address in rlp.h.

The program throws an exception when calling the rlp function.

When I power up the module, I can see that the module is not waiting for debug commands like it used to, it immediately starts the program and then throws the exception.

How can I get back into “debug” mode so that I can reprogram it with code that won’t crash?

Erase your program using MFDeploy.

Right and more detail:

  • Incase your device gets stuck in RLP, and MFDeploy can not see the device, keep your device stay in TinyBooter mode,
  • Click Earse, default it will erase Deployment and User Storage

When work with RLP, I usually use a button at the begin of main function.

void main()
         Input button = new Input......
         while(button.Read()== true)

         /// Press button to start code including RLP

So using that way, incase RLP has any error and hangs forever, just restart and you can deploy again.

Thanks to both of you, that was what I needed to know.
And, I am adding the button check to my code right now…

thanks… two nice tips just added to the RLP documentation.

Should also be added to the general debugging document.