FEZ Cobra II + cp7 display - Failed perform I2C Transaction

Just to raise this back up. I get this issue on the new board I just got. In socket #4 the issue happens, but in sockets 8 and 10 it works fine (the extender board)

I’ll try some other I2C stuff on socket 4 and see if its just board.


Ok… Tested my I2C temperature sensor on socket #4, it works fine. So its something about the CP7 and that socket.

When using Glide with the CP7, the call to GlideTouch.Initialize() will not function properly. It will attempt to use the T socket for touch events, which in this case is Socket 4 on the Cobra. Since the CP7 uses an I socket for touch, there is a conflict with T and you get the failed to perform transaction message. Try to remove the call GlideTouch.Initialize() and feed the touch events in manually and see if you can use socket 4 without issue.