FEZ Cobra - II .....Can we make it work constantly in a preferred mode

I have a program running on FEZ Cobra II which listens for incoming FTP client connections and does all the read/write stuff on the USB flash drive.

My question is — Everytime I should build and run, then which the Visual Studio IDE deploys the code onto the board, then which the board starts working. Is there a way such that I just need to deploy the program once and whenever the board is connected to a power source, it starts working, without visual studio and deployment coming into the picture.

My requirement is — Whenever I just supply power to the board, through serial port on board, it should start running this program, so that I can use any FTP client app to wirelessly transfer all the files ---- I just want to remove Visual Studio and the board plugged into a system in this picture

When you deploy from VS, the code is stored on a flash chip on the board. After that, all you have to do is power the device. The program is stored on the flash chip.

Try it! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot !!! I know this sounds weird…“I love u man !!!”…! didnt know that !
Cheers !

Here’s another tip then. If you start your app (by powering the board up) and you want to see the debug messages from the system, you can connect the USB cable (if you’re not using that for power) and run MFDeploy.exe from the netmf directory on your PC, select the USB transport, and hit F5 to connect to the debugger - you’ll then see messages you would have seen after deploying with VS.