FEZ Cobra I no longer recognized (by FEZ Config)

Suddenly my system no longer recognizes FEZ Cobra I when connected through USB to my computer. This alle happend when resetting FEZ Cobra multiple times, since I couldn’t get it boot in loader mde.

My first thought was I blew the USB port on my PC but I’m still able to connect to FEZ Spider so that isn’t the case. I uninstalled and reinstalled x64 USB drivers but without any success so far. My system is running 64 bit windows 7.

Any suggestions?


@ JdV - Have you tried re-installing using Legacy drivers?

Yes I did. I uninstalled all ghi drivers, did a reboot and installed the netmf usb drivers and also the legacy drivers. No succes unfortunately.

I notice that if I plug in FEZ Spider the (expected) usb plug in beep is played
If I plug in FEZ Cobra no beep is played. It lokks as if windows doesn’t ‘see’ I’m plugging in FEZ Cobra.

I’m beginning to think there might be something corrupted in the registry or something like that. Is there some way I can check the registry and/or windows system files?


Finally the USB cable turned out te be damaged :wall:
Everything works fine now, with another USB cable of course :wink: