FEZ Cobra Enclosure Dimensions

We’re looking at getting some overlay templates made for the FEZ Cobra Enclosure and I was wondering if I could get the exact manufacturers dimensions. It would be great if I could get the dimensions for not only the overlay area (around the screen) but the dimensions for the entire enclosure itself. We’re using the 3.5" screen in our setup. I tried going through the product brochure but only found specs for the board and not the enclosure. I did find the sample overlay images in the wiki section but I was looking for the exact measurements. Thanks!

Here you will find all details you need right from the enclosure manufacture JB-55 Plastic Instrument Case for Desktop

Quick reply! Thanks. What about the recomended dimensions for the inner portion for a 3.5" screen?

I do not have this info handy but please email GHI with what you need and info on your project and I am sure someone will dig it out for you.

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