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Fez Cobra Case 4.3" Overlay Membrane - Supplier



I am trying to make my FEZ Cobra case look more presentable
but need to source a stick-on membrane for the 4.3" touch screen to hide & protect the
touch screen membrane.

appears the case has been deliberately recessed, to allow for a membrane.

Has anyone come across this hurdle yet? or sources a supplier etc.


There are hundreds of companies that make those memeberance and you can even add switches and buttons to it. Just google “memberance switch”

Yes picked the enclosure to be recessed for this reason.,


Hi Gus,
Thanks for the “exact terminology” , appreciated.

My hope was that someone has already made some and has surplus for sale, I only need 2

Normally, MOQ (minimum Order Quantity ) is an issue, and could be costly.

If I end up ordering any and have to suffer a high MOQ, is it possible GHI can offer them for sale on their site?

It would be a nice to have a default memberance shipped with the FEZ Cobra Case.


GHI looked into making these available but hte problem each customer would want their own special print on it.


I understand, Gus.

I’d be happy with Black, I’ll have a think about this, and get back


  1. A series see through holes for LED’s
  2. A series of membrane buttons (location ?: along bottom ) that you can slide in paper to set button text

If anyone has any ideas, as to what are good features to have in a STANDARD membrane please add here, if there’s enough consensus I might get a few extras done and make available.


Measurements: for 4.3" Fez Cobra Memberance


I posted about this in the other thread but what about trying Front Panel Express. Only downside that I posted was the min thickness is 1.5mm but you could have a very nice panel and you can add text and engraved graphics with a little work.

I am soon to order the 4.3" module myself so I will be doing this very thing. I would be happy to send the completed file if anyone wants it. I won’t be able to do this until I get my module as I need to confirm all dimensions first.



Hi Dave,
What is your design file type? I’d appreciate a look, if you can send it over.ian.finlay.1969@

The only issue with the Fez design is that it would be great if the FEZ LCD could be raised up to be perfectly flush with the case surface, when a membrane is attached.

I’ve attached a drawing that highlights the need to raise the LCD higher if a memberance / membrane is used on the case. At present the only way to raise the LCD in the case case is to sand back the 4 LCD support posts about 3mm. It would be good in the next design if the posts are about 3mm shorted and users can then apply various thickness washers to bolster the correct amount to raise the LCD relative to the surface. they select.


Hi Ian,

I sent you the file via email. Let me know if you don’t get it?

For anyone else looking at this, you need to use a small gasket between the LCD and the front panel, especially if this is metal. I have had issues with touch response being erratic without this as it was in direct contact. Once I added the gasket, touch response has been excellent.