FEZ Cerebus Not Loading Firmware


While I attempt to load the TinyCLR fimrware

.Net GADGETEER USB does not appear as an available device; despite having complete all the prior steps mentioned above. Why might this be happening?

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Did you remove the jumper after step 5?

Were the DFU steps successful, and then you can’t find it in MFDeploy? I originally skipped step 3a, and everything seemed successful, but then could not load the firmware in MFDeploy.

Hi. I think the jumper pin was removed. Should we have kept it in?

No it needs to be removed.

It just does not seem to see the board. Is there something else we should be doing? Everything has been updated. We are in Windows 7. I looked at it as well as someone else and it just does not seem to be working.

Try a different cable and USB port.

Which firmware are you using?

Your using this one? http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=8498