FEZ_CerbuinoBee no debugger on custom build

Hi guys,

So, I was able to build TinyBooter and TinyClr for my Cerbuino using the PK 4.2 QFE2 & MDK.
After some search I made a DFU file from my TinyBooter.bin and successfully deployed TinyBooter to the board using STDFU.
Then using MFDeploy I put my EZ_CONFIG & ER_FALSH files on the board.
TinyClr is responding to ping and the “debug” commands (DeviceInfo, FlashSectorMap…) from MFDeploy are working very well.

My problem is that I’m unable to use Visual Studio to deploy/debug my application.
More precisely, my Cerbuino gets detected, VS deploys assemblies to it, I have the list of assemblies deployed showing up but my application isn’t there.
My last output in the debbug Window is “Ready” and no matter how long I wait, I can’t go farther.
The debugger doesn’t resolve my breakpoints, and I have no debug messages showing up and no control over my board.

This problem seems specific to my build of TinyClr, When I put the TinyClr for Cerberus from GHI using MFDeploy, I have no problems, debugger works in VS.

So my question is do you have any ideas why my build of TinyClr isn’t fully working ?
I used the PK 4.2 QFE2, the port of STM32F04 from GHI OSH codeplex svn server and the only thing I modified in the source was 2 header file path that was absolute and wasn’t compatible with my installation directory of the PK (in C:\Dev\PK instead of C:\PK).

Any help/direction would be much welcome.

Arf, so i’m guessing i’m out of luck and no one ever encountered this problem…

I’ll tell you guys the answer if I find it…

Thanks anyway,

@ Nicolas E.

You might get a response if you re-post with a corrected title. “Build of TinyClr” does not make sense, so most will not click through to the actual question

Lets try it again then :slight_smile:

Are you sure that the flash writer driver works? Maybe the debugger can’t write the application to flash?

As far as I can see, the same drivers are used in both TinyBooter and TinyClr.
I’m able to use MFDeploy to write the CLR to the flash so I’m guessing the driver works.

Maybe I’m not flashing the correct CLR, I flash the content of the folder buildoutput/…/FLASH/release/FezCerberus/tinyclr.hex, do you know if this is the write one ?

Well I found it,
My problem is that my TinyClr was built in release.
Building it again in debug allowed me to debug C# project using VS.

Thanks guys,

Actually, whether your firmware is built in Debug or Release has nothing to do with the .NET debugger you see in visual studio. You build the firmware in Debug mode if you’re debugging the firmware; you build it in Release mode if you’re not debugging the firmware – it’s as simple as that.