FEZ Cerbuino rev 1.2 overheating


I recently bought a Cerbuino, and for the first time I connect it to PC through USB the CPU starts overheating very fast. The same situation happens when I connect it to energy with a 6V power adapter. Can any one tell me what is the cause of that?

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Is it the actual MCU that is overheating, or is it one of the small voltage regulators heating up?

Do you have anything else connected? If so, remove everything and try again. Still overheating? Get your magnifying glass out and check the board for solder bridges.

It´s the MCU.

I never turn up the Cerbuino with anything connected to them. I checked the board and cant see any solder bridge. maybe this is a manufacturing problem?

Do you mean that you normally connect your modules after the mainboard is powered? This is not recommended. You should always connect your modules before powering up.

Certainly possible. You may need to call GHI directly.

No. When the Cerbuino arrived I test it without shield’s, and never test it with shields.

Definitely contact GHI support directly.

I ordered 4 bees, and I have the same problem with one of them. MCU get’s too hot to touch almost immediately. Doesn’t matter if I’m on USB or barrel.