Fez Cerbuino NET socket connect issue


We’ve just put our hands on a brand new FezCerbuinoNET.

We updated firmware to (we left tinybooter), Ethernet-enabled “flavor”.

We managed to configure network parameters (DHCP enabled), but whenever we run a simple test like following socket.Connect() method hangs forever:

public void Connect()
            this.socket = new Socket(this.remoteIpAddress.GetAddressFamily(), SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp);
            // try connection to the broker
            this.socket.Connect(new IPEndPoint(this.remoteIpAddress, this.remotePort));

Any hints?


@ andre.m. Thanks for your support.

Same source code runs fine on a Netduino2+ connected to same switch.

I’m going to try with a Cerbuino Bee with ENCj28 gadgeteer module and with a Mountaineer Eth…

Some of the threads regards working around the problem referred to by andre.m


@ Innovactive - Looks like it has been fixed in NETMF 4.3.

If your Netduino2+ is running 4.3 that would explain why it works.

I see, but that’s not the point, since the host I’m trying to connect is actually up and listening (, port 1883).

@ Architect: ND2+ is running NETMF 4.2, so I expect that if the server is down socket.connect() hangs there, too.

Is FezCerbuinoNET exactly like a CerbuinoBee+ENCj28 Gadgeteer Module connected to socket 1 from a “pinout” perspective?