FEZ Cerbuino Net Firmware

I’m looking at using the Cerbuino Net as a replacement for my Panda IIs. I want to attach a Music Sheld (I have three lying around), a PIR sensor, and some contact closure inputs to the device.

What firmware do I need in order to use the SPI and network I/O features of this board?

Will I have SSL and higher level features like HttpRequest?

Sorry for the dumb questions, but I’ve never used any Gadgeteer boards, and up till now haven’t been much interested in a non-premium offering from GHI.

@ jasdev - My guess would be that you will need the Cerberus firmware with Ethernet support. As I understand it, the Cerberus firmware does not include SSL support.

I might be wrong since I have not done any network stuff other than on the Spider and and on the OSHW with the WIFly module.

SSL on Cerberus? :slight_smile: You are asking too much of a single micro. G120 is the minimum that supports SSL.

But you are asking for HttpRequest and that is HTTP not SSL. HTTP is part of Cerberus.

According to the product comparison page EMX also supports SSL, which is a lesser SoM than the G120 and therefore the minimum?

To me, G120 is less than EMX because it is smaller in size :slight_smile: but yes you are correct. All our premium products support SSL.

Thanks Gus and taylorza.

I looked at the wiki, the tutorials, and the codeplex repository, but I’m still not sure how to proceed. If I want to use this board, but develop a plain NETMF application with network support, what firmware do I use?

Cerb family firmware is in the SDK.

@ jasdev - The Cerbuino is in the Cerberus Family and therefore uses the Cerberus firmware. The Cerberus firmware comes in two flavors, with Ethernet and without Ethernet.

To use the network interface on the Cerbuino Net you will need to install the Cerberus firmware that includes Ethernet, this is included with the SDK so you will not need any additional downloads.

@ taylorza - Ok I think I get it now.

Install this version of the firmware on the device:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI OSHW NETMF v4.2 SDK\FEZ Cerb Family\Firmware\Ethernet\Firmware.hex

Create a normal NETMF console project in VS.
Add a reference to: GHI.Hardware.FEZCerb
Add references to whatever other assemblies I need for my project.

@ jasdev - That should do the trick.