Fez Cerbuino Net connecting issue

It’s the first time I try to use microframework. After a lot of try I managet to make my Cerbuino Net working. After a very basic test program (I just set on and then off a gadgeteer relay) I tryed to put this in a while true cicle. After I deplyed the new program everything stopped working. The board is recognized but if I try to deploy I get the message “Impossible to connect to the device”. Also if I try to check the connection with FEZ Config I get just timeouts. I don’t understand the prolem and how to solve it. Maybe a reset of the board could be the solution? I don’t know how to make it.

Thanks a lot.

Reload firmware on board.

I Tryed but when I try to connect to the board with FEZ Config to reload the Firmware the connection goes in time out. Is there any other way to reload the firmware? Or maybe to force a reset not via software but via hardware?