FEZ Cerbuino Bee

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I’m new to this. B4 i buy FEZ Cerbuino Bee. Can this FEZ Cerbuino Bee works with Netduino Go compiler or i have to used GHI compiler?

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If you mean by GHI compiler to be able to make programs to run on the hardware, then the answer is you need Visual Studio or the Visual C# express version 2010+ to make programs for the Cerbuino or any other NetMF run device. You will need the GHI SDK though to get the full abilities of the GHI brand of NetMF devices.

Thank you for replying, Aron.
Yes. I do have VS2010/2012. Using Visual C and Visual Basic
My question is FEZ Cerbuino Bee will works with graphic LCD, 8x8 dotmatrix, camera, modules, rtc, temperature, etc?

U got every things on one mainboard. I loved this FEZ Cerbuino Bee.mainboard.
Let me know b4 I buy this.


Br Supra

@ supra

Cerbuino and the Cerb-Family of boards work great with the majority of GHI’s and other vendor’s Gadgeteer modules, however, due to the memory size on the board, it does not support full graphics capabilities like an LCD but it does support the OLED graphics module (128 x 128 pixels) by Seeed. The Cerb-Family boards are similar in constraints as the Panda II.

@ Aron - Correction, panda didn’t support Bitmap class at all. Cerb-family includes Bitmap class so it supports bitmaps and graphics but the limitation is the RAM so images must be small to work with. An example here is drawing on the OLED display or N18 display.

@ Gus, Aron

My mistaken. It is not graphic LCD. It is TFT LCD

I have 3.2" inch TFT LCD Module Display with touchscreen bought from ebay. That will do for FEZ Cerbuino Bee? I need minimum up to 7" TFT LCD. Is that ok for FEZ Cerbuino Bee?

Those need a special display interface, which is found on spider or hydra.

You need the RGB sockets.

It’s also possible that you’ll not be able to get an ebay display to work effectively even with RGB sockets on a more capable board, depending on your expertise. Gadgeteer mainboards and Gadgeteer displays are there to help you eliminate the need to mess around with the details of the connections; you’re also unlikely to find anyone else who has done the same thing with the same display you have, so you’ll be largely on your own on diagnosing and getting it working, sorry. Just want you to know this before you think the solution is a Spider, only to get in more hot water.