Fez Cerbuino Bee Suddenly No Longer Recognized by Windows USB

I jumpered wires from the X2 connector over to a CC3100 board, and although I don’t see any obvious miswire, it must have somehow killed the Fez. The Bee by itself now isn’t recognized by Windows (“Device Descripter Request Failed”). The 2 red leds turn on when plugged into the usb but that’s about it.

According to “Thou Shall Check Voltages”, I see that the input and output of the 3.3V regulator (IC2) is shorted… so maybe it blew because it tried powering the cc3100 - even though it’s rated for 800ma, but the laptop could only supply 500ma anyways so don’t see how. Since vdd on the STM32F405 is rated for 4V max, I’m guessing that’s blown as well.

Any suggestions how to pinpoint what caused the issue, or what else I can check on the board? Also, if replacing the micro, how can it be programmed on board with the default Gadgeteer firmware/bootloader?

Remove the CC, power the Cerb, and check the 3.3 and 5V voltages. Then try to put the device into bootloader mode.

Edit: If you can also power the device via the barrel jack, then do so and check the voltages again.