FEZ Cerbuino Bee and Grove arduino shield

I’m looking at starting a club for 6th grade kids to learn about programming. I thought the idea of working with the real world with physical sensors, lights sounds etc. would be interesting to them. So I’m looking at platforms. Obviously arduino comes to mind especially with the low cost sensors etc. of the grove platform. The only problem is that I really don’t care much for arduinos.

So I started thinking what about using a FEZ Cerbuino Bee with a grove shield for easy component attachment. Has anyone done this? Can you see any pitfalls to this idea. I really like working in VS and like the added features I can get with .netmf

Thanks for your input.

Craig Lindstrom

Why not the tinker kit, http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/455? Microsoft built a while book of classes with this kit, in vb. We also offer our version in c#

Good suggestion, but it kind of has the wrong modules and costs more. I might have to fund this thing myself so I’m kind of price sensitive. I don’t need a graphic display, a LCD is fine. If I go with the Cerbuino Bee, Grove shield and modules I can do a similar kit for about $75, with more modules to boot.

If I went arduino it would drop another $10 bucks off, but I’d really like to stay with .net


@ Craig - How many kits are you looking to either build or buy? And what is going to be in the kit as far as modules?

Don’t forget that you will lose gadgeteer which makes it a lot easier for your students.

Probably about 7-10 kits (depending on if I can find a sponsor and cost). As far as modules, I’m looking at simple stuff like LEDs, buttons, servo, temperature, relay, basic LCD, those kinds of things. These are young kids so not things like accelerometers etc. The kind of stuff you used to have in the blocks from years ago.

Just call and talk to Gary about buying ten kits educational purpose. I sure he can meet your budget :wink:

@ Craig @ Gus - Already working on it! 8)

Awsome, thanks

@ Craig - I sent you an email to the email listed in your account. If you have a different email then direct message me the new email.