FEZ Cerbuino and CAN DW Module

Hello everybody,
I am about to buy FEZ Cerbuino net motherboard, It has all I need. I have only one question: Do I need CAN DW Module to be able read data from CAN bus? Thank You!


FEZ Cerbuino Net has CAN BUS support but no socket “C” which is needed to connect CAN DW Module. Still unclear… :frowning:

Oh yeah, sorry, I thought it was Cerberus.

Indeed, Cerbuino Net doesn’t have a C socket, but I see CAN1 is wired to socket 3, so, technically, you can still use CAN, but some simple rewiring will be needed.

Or, alternatively, you may buy Cerberus and add any module that you need.

Also, you didn’t specify what features you need, but have in mind that Cerb family has very limited resources. From my practice, using [em]both [/em] Sd card and networking pretty much guarantees you OutOfMemoryExceptions.

I need to read some data from CAN bus and write them to SD card. Also I need RTC to obtain timestamps and finally I need to implement simple web server to publish actual values and files on a web page. What do you suggest? Should I stay with .NETMF? :slight_smile:

Then Cerb family is a no-go, you need something with more RAM — that is, EMX, G120 or G400 based products. The easiest way would be to grab Spider+Ethernet J11D module+CAN DW+SD card module (you still need a battery for RTC). Not very cheap, though :slight_smile: G120 is cheaper, but there isn’t an out-of-the box solution there, soldering [em]will [/em]be required. If soldering is not a problem for you, then check G120HDR+EthernetENC28 module+SD card module+CAN DW module.

G400 is even more expensive, but that’s a beast. May be needed, though, if you’ve got lots (thousands per second) of CAN messages to process.

Forgot to mention, with Spider or G120HDR (or any other board that is not in red color) you also need a power module (the red one).

OK, so when I buy the G120HDR board it is necessary to solder CAN DW module, MicroSD Card module and Ethernet ENC28 module… Right? Soldering is not problem.

G120HDR already has an SPI socket, so no soldering for ENC28. Other modules will have to be soldered in. And don’t forget a power module (or supply 3.3V externally, if you wish).

Ok, understand. Thank you!

FEZ Cobra II (Eco) may also work for you.

FEZ CobraII Net with the Extender would have worked perfectly for him :slight_smile: Unfortunately, that’s no longer in production…