Fez Cerberus with XBeeAdapter and XBee Wifi - getting started

Hi guys,

I am a noob here and I have a Fez Cerberus main board with an XBeeAdapter and XBee wifi S6b.

I can hardly find any documentation or samples on the XBeeAdapter API and how to easily connect to a wifi. I need the following:

  • example on how to connect to wifi
  • example on how to connect to a secured wifi (with WPA2-Personal)
  • example on how to send data
  • example on how to receive data (and how this is initiated from the other end)

Your help is highly appreciated.

It seems I am asking the wrong question, or I wouldn’t have 0 answers I guess :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to the forum,
Forum search with “S6b” only gives one result, so may be nobody has experience with this module. Or may be it’s because of Thanksgiving. If you would consider to use another WiFi Module like WiFly RN-XV you can get some help here:
or you could search for munderhill’s Gadgeteer WiFi module.

@ RoSchmi - thanks a lot for your reply, really appreciate it. I have made some progress and i will share it soon.